Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holiday Inn-firmary

Daniel's Steakhouse - our first all you can eat buffet along the trail!
After one week and 70 miles of hiking on Georgia's relentless up and down terrain, we decided it was about time for our first zero day (trail speak for a zero mile day). We decided to spend a couple of nights in Hiawassee at a Holiday Inn Express to rest our aching joints.

Our jaunt in town included an obligatory all you can eat buffet, trip to the grocery store, and burgers and beer at a local bar and grill. Here the townsfolk serve newcomers slices of delicious blueberry pie alongside demoralizing bar trivia defeats. Despite the loss, we had a great time. Everyone we've met both in town and on the trail has been extremely kind.

Upon our return to the trail today, we realized that we missed it and were ready to press on. And I personally was reminded that I'm not out here solely to make it to Maine, but to enjoy nature and embrace life at its simplest. Have I become truly enlightened and one with nature yet? No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
- Guy Line (trail name given for my tendency to trip over the guy lines on the tent. Pretty tough trail name, right? "Don't mess with Guy Line or he'll totally trip on a bunch of stuff. I once saw him trip on like 8 things at the same time with one hand tied behind his back."

PS - Kelly forgot to thank Zach in her last post for the light weight board game.

PSS - We apologize for the poor formatting of our blog posts. We're still getting the hang of blogging from a phone. 

PSSS - I hope our readers have seen a Holiday Inn Express commercial before, otherwise the end of my post is going to sound pretty strange.


  1. Guy Line and Bearcub....sure to strike fear in the hearts of those unfortunate enough to cross their path! Glad you are both doing well and having fun. Stay safe and stay strong ~ and enjoy the adventure.

    Tony and Terri

  2. Dude! I love you. It sounds like you guys are doing awesome. We are so jealous. How soon do you think you will be in gatlinburg? Kara and I might try to come and meet you guys. We miss you.
    Your cuz

  3. I'm impressed guys! Hope you brought plenty of Bill Bryson reading material.

  4. Sounds like so far so good and you both are relishing the adventure. Good luck and stay safe!

  5. i know this is from the former post but trail magic seems amazing!! You guys have to return the favor down the line!! Anyways glad that you guys made it to a hotel now! I hope this means pictures now! Good job for not quitting yet!